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Friday, May 13, 2011


We have been very thankful for the LORD's protection through several major events recently; in this case, it was the demise of the Niz-bus. Keith and 6 of the kids were on the way to rehearsal during a late winter storm, mixing snow, sleet, and rain (which created a nice SLUSH) when the van hydroplaned, slid and then rolled.

Thankfully, everyone walked away from the accident, no one even needed a band-aid.

John, who had just been released from the hospital was in the front passenger side. The LORD protected him, as the airbag did NOT deploy, which if it had, could quite possibly have re-collapsed his lungs.

John had gotten us such a great deal on the van (John is the head of our Purchasing Department) that
our insurance value on it was higher than our purchase price. In the big picture, money isn't important, but we appreciate John's careful shopping. We will miss the Big White Elephant . . . Niz-bus RIP.

The children were protected emotionally as well. After I commended Adam for covering Glory's face before her window broke completely apart Glory commented with dissapointment, "but then I didn't get to see everything." She didn't bear any emotional scars!
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