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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


And they're off, leaving the Quakkelaar's, with 20 miles ahead of them.

The Hike is a very unique Fine Linen Tradition. After The Prince and the Pauper, our guys were suffering from Post-Production Depression Syndrome, so they decided to walk from the theatre to our house, about 20 miles just "for fun". It turned out about 15 people joined them that year and the event has grown each year.

This year over 80 people made the trek, including Wally, who was discovered by John in a ditch the first year and has been patched and repatched, not missing a single hike. John claims that he has more holes in him now than Wally.

Nathan's Orange Juice is another Hike Tradition.

Each year a different route is chosen, stopping for lunch at one family's house and continuing on to another family's house for dinner.
This year we started at Quakkelaar's, lunched at Quittschreibers, and finished at the Light's.

At every intersection, the group stopped to rest, pray, and re-hydrate.
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