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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Adam's Web Site is Updated

Just wanted to let everyone know that Adam has updated his web site.


I'm sure as his mom, I'm somewhat prejudiced, but I think he did a very nice job.

Friday, September 28, 2007


The quote in the title is something that Pam Lancaster used to often remind all of the ladies at church. I think of her often, and her admonition when I see flowers in my garden.

Infinite Beauty . . .

. . . and Infinite Variety.

"The grass withers and the flowers fall,
but the word of our God stands forever."
Isaiah 40:8
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"The earlier parents begin
to make God's laws of
and beauty
and quietness
comprehensible to their children,
the sooner they will acquire
good strong notions
of what is so basic
to real Godliness--
A Christian home should be
a place of peace,
and there can be no peace
where there is
no self-denial."

Elisabeth Elliott

This quote was used in an excellent CD I just finished listening to called "Twenty-four Hours is All You Get" by Susan Bradrick. I found it very convicting, as was the whole CD.

Trip to St. Louis, September 20, 2007

For one of John's birthday presents, we bought Cardinals tickets. We hadn't been to a game for over 10 years. Needless to say, many of the kids didn't remember going. We follow our beloved Cardinals on the radio, because we don't have TV. Last year, when they were in the World Series, we invaded Keith's brother Mark, to watch the games on his television. We were very excited to see a real game. Seven of our regular starters have committed their lives to the Lord. Unfortunately, this wasn't the best game to attend, as we ended up loosing 18-1, but we really enjoyed the experience of a live game very much.

So Taguchi warming up.

The view of the arch from the new stadium.

The ball park before it filled up.
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Cardinals Game September 20, 2007

Conference on the Mound

Our favorite player--David Eckstein

Nathanael, enjoying the cheap popcorn from home.
He was shocked when he saw the gentleman in front of him
pay $7 for a snow cone.

The last time we went to a Cardinals game, John wasn't walking yet.
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

In Loving Memory

Our precious family friend is now sitting in the presence of her Beloved Lord and Saviour. Amy Martin Wilhoite died Monday, September 10, 2007 after a long and courageous battle against Leukemia. Amy was one of the most beautiful souls I have ever had the blessing to know. She will be very missed, and very much remembered.

We have posted below some photos, first from church activities, then from Amy and Brandon's wedding and rehearsal, and finally from Amy's memorial service at Meremac Springs Park on Sunday, September 16th. The music is our tribute to Amy, sung by the First Four, from First Baptist Church, Coppell, TX. We will continue to pray for her husband Brandon, their beautiful son Gary, and Amy's parents and siblings.

"Ever since the Urgent Care doctor had called, the song "Blessed be Your Name" had been running through my head. "Blessed be Your name, when the path's marked with suffering, though there's pain in the offering, blessed be Your name." I told Brandon, "The Lord gives, and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord." In the midst of everything known and yet unknown, all I could know is that He had me. I wasn't anywhere I wasn't supposed to be, this was the path I had been called to, and He wouldn't give me more than I could bear." Amy Wilhoite, July, 2006

Read of Amy's Journey by visiting http://wilhoite.blogspot.com/

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A very patient big brother

Adam has always been a kind, patient brother,
but I thought this was quite an example of
general good will in daily selflessness
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Glory enjoying a Plum at the window seat

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Glory's Birthday

Glory enjoying her new tricycle while Nikki protects her from
anything menacing.

Unwrapping presents

Glory loves to play "puppies". Amy found this adorable
puppy suit at Goodwill and Glory was thrilled.

"Am I cute or what!?"
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Porch Progress as Promised

Here's a picture of the porch in progress for Julie.
We will get real posts and do away with the "frontier look" of the 2x4's.
There will be more windows, but they are covered with Tyvek now.
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