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Monday, May 16, 2011


After church, several Sunday's ago, we had a short Purim celebration (Feast of Esther) and as part of this we re-enacted the story of Esther. We drew lots for parts (very appropriate) and performed a very entertaining rendition. Joel was King Xerxes and we see him on his "throne" with his royal secretary (also the narrator and audience cue person.)

Keith drew the part of the vile Haman with his wife and friends (Stacey Quittschreiber, Abby Hall, and Anna Nisbett.)

Adam, cast as Mordecai, shown in "sack-cloth and ashes" mourning at the City Gate.

James Quittschreiber as the Harem Master gives beauty treatments to Eva Quakkelaar, (and Glory, Anna, and Kelsey.)

Couriers on fast horses (Josiah and Joy) take messages to the Jews in rural provinces while Queen Esther (Kelsey) looks on.
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