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Monday, November 12, 2007


Ozark Actors' Theatre is performing "Irving Berlin's White Christmas." They hired Amy to costume the entire production, and she came in from Pennsylvania to do that. We have really enjoyed having her here. However, she was having to spend so much time at the theatre that we weren't getting to visit as much as we would like (it is a huge show, with many, MANY costumes). So we all went up to the theatre to "help" and visit with Amy. We had a great time and slowly, more and more of the family got involved. We will post more pictures later, when we get them, but this one shows some of Amy's costumes, Adam's mural in the background, Josiah is running the lights, and Joel is on stage (he was filling in for a chorus member that had a choir competition) Joel is on the left side, in the back, wearing a white turtleneck. The show was very entertaining, and they will be performing six more times this coming weekend. Go to http://www.ozarkactorstheatre.org/ for more information on times and tickets.
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While waiting to post more "White Christmas" photos, I thought I would add pictures from our FINE LINEN DRAMA GROUP'S April 2007 production of "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown". Pictured above is our fantastic cast: Janessa Brown as Lucy, Ashley Riefer as Patty, Adam Nisbett as Linus, Josh Martin as Schroeder, Nathan Brown as Charlie Brown, Joel Nisbett as Snoopy, and Elise Hamacher as Sally.

And some of our terrific crew members: Justin Mosher, our spotlight operator . . .

Josiah Nisbett, our light board operator . . .

. . . and our wonderful stage managers and crew, Emma Martin, Hillary Brown, and Christianne Martin.
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Glory, having fun at rehearsal.

Mark Hickle, our super-talented bass player.

Nathan, "enjoying" some loving from his sister Janessa.

Fun Shoes!
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Nathan Brown as Charlie Brown (no, we didn't require the names to be so much the same), at lunchtime.

"Oh no, that little red-headed girl is looking right at me. . "

Adam as Linus, singing "My Blanket and Me".

Elise Hamacher, rehearsing Sally.
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Rehearsing "A Book Report on Peter Rabbit"

Snoopy fights the infamous Red Baron!!

"Is Lucy gonna pitch? because if she does, I quit. . . "

Charlie Brown encouraging the team in "Baseball Game".
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Because the play "Charlie Brown" has such a small cast, and we (Fine Linen Drama) have so many talented and interested students, we put on two different productions of the play.

The first, (mentioned in previous posts) was a standard cast with one person in each role and featured our most experienced actors. We did 4 perfomances to enthusiastic full houses.

The second production (pictured here) featured "multiple" performers sharing the same role. "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" was perfect for this, because it features small vignettes and stand alone musical numbers. The "Multiple Cast" members (as there were lovingly called) attended many of the "One Cast" rehearsals, and therefore were able to absorb much of their blocking and lines with little effort. We had observed in the past that by the time a production was over, all the siblings of the cast could do the entire play from memory with out even trying. We just took advantage of that fact. We utilized the same blocking, choreography, scenery, props, etc., and our wonderful costumer, Amy, made LOTS of Lucy dresses.

Joy and Rachel Hickle about to be frightened by Linus.

John as Snoopy.

Josh Riefer and Tessie Hamacher sing "Happiness".

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Jacob Hamacher as Schroeder and Josiah as Charlie Brown.

Meagan Riefer, Josiah, and Nathan Hickle in "Crabbiness Survey".

Tessie Hamacher, Sarah Hickle and Erin Hamacher in "Glee Club".

Adalie Brown and Rachel Hickle.
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Josiah, Nathanael, and Anna in "Little Known Facts"

"You see that bird, it is an eagle, but when it's little, it has another name -- a sparrow. And on Christmas and Thanksgiving, we eat them!"
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Sarah and Rachel Hickle as Peppermint Patty.

Kayla Brown and Erin Hamacher as Sally.

Jacob Hamacher and Joel Eldredge as Schroeder.

Nathanael Nisbett, Mark Hickle, Josh Riefer, and Alex Reynolds as Linus.
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Maggie Hamacher, Anna Nisbett, Joy Nisbett, Adalie Brown, Tess Hamacher, Meagan Riefer, Lizzy Martin, and Karen Helken, all as Lucy.

John Nisbett, Gideon Reynolds, Barney Reynold, and Nathan Hickle as Snoopy.

Josiah Nisbett and Caleb Nisbett as Charlie Brown.

Bill Hickle and Joel Nisbett on piano, Mark Hickle (not shown) on bass, and Keith Nisbett on drums and keyboard.
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John as Snoopy, notice the pose . . .
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Joel as Snoopy, see any similarities?
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