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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Amy and Nate were here for a short visit this week, which means of course . . . a family photo. Unfortunately, Caleb had to work, but we are hoping to photoshop him into some of the pictures. It is always a trick to try to get everyone smiling at the same time, but here is a preview of some of the shots.

What a threesome !

The boys joked that instead of stairsteps, our children are now a parabolic curve. (Nate is just a different data point I guess:-) )
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Friday, August 22, 2008


I just returned from the memorial service in Leakey, TX for my dear Aunt Wanda. I have been privileged and blessed to know many incredible people in my life, and Aunt Wanda was one of the most positive infuences I have had the honor to love.

My sisters and I spent a week at her house in New Mexico every summer, and we spent quite a few Christmases there as well. Aunt Wanda and Uncle Bill's house smelled like love. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up, so I learned to bake bread, can homegrown vegetables, sew, raise chickens (we even got Arucanas like the Davises had). But I quickly figured out that while those skills were an important part of who Aunt Wanda was, it was her deep and abiding love for the Lord that made her so special.

Many people gave testimony to Aunt Wanda's character, and they were consistent in their assesment that what always motivated her was a desire to serve others, and not herself. She was one of the most diligent, consistent people I know. One friend stated that he "never saw Wanda get in a hurry, but he never saw her stopped either." She was constantly serving, smiling, singing.

A favorite memory is of an early summer at their home. We mentioned that we had never been camping and wanted to go. Immediately, a trip was planned for the mountains. We left the next day after Aunt Wanda stayed up packing and sewing all three of us a set of pants and long sleeved shirts (we had only brought shorts and the mountains were cool). It was a fantastic trip with Uncle Bill's hot chocolate around the campfire in the early morning mist, breathtaking views on long hikes, singing both sacred and silly songs, and gentle, loving encouragement to see God's hand. They did everything with that same desire to serve and bless others, sharing the beauty and love of the Lord. Thank you Aunt Wanda and Uncle Bill ! !
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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Glory's third birthday was August 13th. Once again, her birthday occured during the glorious Perseids meteor shower. When I was in labor with her, I sat outside and watched this same Perseids meteor shower.

The Perseid meteor shower has been observed for about 2000 years, with the first known information on these meteors coming from the Far East. The shower is visible from mid-July each year, with the greatest activity between August 8 and 14, peaking about August 12-13. During the peak, the rate of meteors reaches 60 or more per hour.

As I marveled at this beautiful sight, the verse "The Heavens declare the Glory of God, the Skies proclaim the Work of His Hands" Ps. 19:1 kept going throught my mind. I wished then that the baby was a girl so that we could name her Glory, but was convinced by her constant activities in utero that she must be a boy. I was so delighted when she appeared and was confirmed to be female. She has been a delight ever since, and I think she is also a testimony to the "work of His Hands". We pray that she will continue to declare the Glory of God.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Three weeks ago, Keith and I traveled back east to see Amy and Nate. Amy was performing in the State College Community Theatre's production of To Kill A Mockingbird, one of my all time favorite books. We had never seen the play. This is the coverted barn that serves as their theatre. It was a great venue.

Pennsylvania is so beautiful. We really enjoyed waiting for each evenings performance in the beautiful setting around the Barn.

Amy as Mayella Ewell with Sarah as Scout.
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We then traveled to New York to see my sister Kelly's new twins, Luke and Willa, seen here peacefully enjoying Keith's lap.
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Aren't they precious ! !

And I got to hold them too ! ! We left Joel with Kelly for three weeks to play with the babies, and help out a little. I will get to go back this next week. I'm so excited. Two babies ! !
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The 2008 Homeschool Alumni "Reunion"

Last weekend I (Adam) attended the 3rd annual Homeschool Alumni (HSA) National Reunion in Kentucky. It was my second as I missed the first year. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it to any and all homeschool graduates! Here's a few pictures (Plenty more can be found at http://picasaweb.google.com/HSA2008Adam/HSA2008Reunion) :
The official bumper sticker!

I carpooled with 5 other homeschoolers from central and SW MO. We left Wednesday evening (July 30) and arrived at 2:30 am local time. One of the HSA members had managed to find another group camp that wasn't being used that gave us and several other carpool groups free accomodations the night before the reunion. On Thursday morning we all caravaned over to the camp where the reunion was to be held.

A few of us went to the end of the camp road and taped up this sign that Mac Spiller is modeling.

And then people began arriving from all over the country! Approximately 280 this year!

The weekend was filled with fun and engaging activities including Dutch Blitz,



Two-hand touch football.....

Impromptu music concerts

A climbing wall.....

Ultimate Frisbee....

Various card games (could be Pinochle, or a very serious game of Go Fish)

Camera wars, both with video.....

or still pictures.

Great speakers!.....

....and a humorous skit,

Enjoyable conversations over meals....

...and still more camera wars!

Part of the final group shot before everyone left.

This is a panorama shot I compiled of the group of people milling around after the group shot.

It was a great experience and lots of fun with attendees from coast to coast, Canada, and Brazil. So, if you're a homeschool graduate, visit www.homeschoolalumni.org to join the online community and discussion forums as well as keep informed about other events in the future.

In my opinion, this event has conclusively demonstrated the answer to whether homeschoolers have.....

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Several weeks ago, we hosted an event to celebrate the legalization of midwifery in Missouri. Quite a few long time supporters came together to comemerate this historic event and thank God for His providential blessing.

Dr. David and Lee Stewart, homebirth pioneers, spoke to the group, sharing some long term history of the movement. They are the founders of NAPSAC (National Association of Parent and Professionals for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth) and authors of many excellent books, including the Five Standards for Safe Childbearing. They are also wonderful, dear people. Dr. Stewart told us of their first prenatal visit, in 1962, when they asked their doctor for three things: 1.) No anesthesia 2.)The baby not be separated from the mother 3.)The father be allowed to attend the labor and delivery. The doctor flatly denied all three requests and asked them to leave. Thus began a journey that has benefitted so many of us.

Senator Mike Gibbons, President ProTem of the Senate, spoke to the group, expressing his admiration and respect for Mary Ueland and Debbie Smithy, and stating that the midwifery supporters were the best grassroots effort he had observed in his sixteen years at the capitol.

Senator Chris Koster spoke later in the afternoon, also sharing his great esteem for Debbie and Mary. We were pleased to have these two powerful men honor Debbie and Mary for their extremely dedicated, exceptionally intelligent and effective lobbying efforts.
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Young Ladies on the Window Seat

Ruth Ueland with a beautiful baby!!

Forget the window seat, these guys wanted outside!!

Sharing stories in the kitchen. . it was a very special day for many of us, who have worked on this issue for more than a decade, allowing trained midwives to practice without fearing a felony charge.
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How do I describe these two fantastic ladies? Brilliant, tenacious, discerning, quick-witted, persistant, kind, generous, gentle, loving, dedicated, principled, honorable, fun, organized, sincere, esteemed, I could go on and on. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude to Mary Ueland and Debbie Smithy for their self-less gift of this legislation. We also thank Senator John Loudon, for having the integrity to do what was right, at great cost to himself.
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