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Saturday, June 25, 2011


One month later ...
Preliminary damage estimate:$3 billion;
cubic yards of debris removed, 597,500;
cars destroyed, 18,000;
number of homes destroyed, 6,954;
number of jobs affected, 5,000;
injuries, 1,150;
number of homes damaged, 875;
number of businesses affected, 500;
deaths, 155 (with others still in hospitals and clinging to life).

One of the projects that Josiah, Nate, Keith and Joy have helped with in Joplin is the building of several moveable shower houses and laundry houses for volunteers.

Josiah is the cool dude with the sunglasses and nail gun.

Joy is the sturdy girl holding up the floor with her bare hands.

Some of the wonderful volunteers from Rolla we met. Most of these people were teachers, police officers, city employees, sherrif's deputies, etc. They serve the community every day at their job and then on their day off, serve another community. I was impressed.

The trees in Joplin are leafing back out.

Rebirth, renewal, tenacity, hope . . . Joplin.
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