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Friday, May 06, 2011


Not only does the Seussical plot line follow Horton, but also the loveable, mischievous Cat in the Hat, and JoJo from Horton Hears a Who.
Joel Nisbett as Mr. Cat and Jorin Larsen as JoJo. These two face many adventures together. . .

. . .including facing the "Hunches" (that tap-dancing, black-light sensation), from a "new to me" new favorite Dr. Seuss book Hunches in Bunches.

Joy Nisbett, Alyssa McCluskey, Abby Hall, Jenny Williams, Justin Mosher, John Nisbett, Adam Nisbett, and Benjamine Wegner.

The Cat and JoJo also meet Fish and Beach Boys during "It's Possible."

And all of this happened in the fantastical Seuss-world created by Set/scenic Designer Adam Nisbett and Lighting Designer Josiah Nisbett.
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Kelsey Paterson said...

I'm currently working at a Christian non-profit organization, and I'm working on a set design for our summer program. I love your Seussical set. Would you be willing to send me some of the information for how you created the Seuss stage set? I'd love to talk more. -Kelsey

Kelsey Paterson said...
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